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We might seem like a bottled water company...but we're not!

The Hope Water Foundation is a nonprofit that "uses" water - a product 155 million people already spend $20 billion on annually - to raise awareness of the world's water crisis. Yes, there is one, and it's growing everyday. The only way to combat it is to build awareness and fund sustainable solutions.

awareness = change.

In other words, humans are problem-solvers by nature. Once we understand the problem, we can envision a solution. And once we engineer that solution, there's no stopping us from realizing it. That's why...

...our mission is giving clean safe water to people everywhere©

Yes, it's big. But, it's also completely achievable. The critical factor is how we execute our mission. We do it in two ways.

First, we deliver products we all use everyday to quench our thirst.

Second, we direct 100% of sales proceeds to organizations that work to provide clean water to those who need it now and to ensure access to it in the future.

Water is the basic element of life. Hope is the basic element of human spirit. Without either, we have nothing. Now, we have both. So join us. Become part of the solution. Reach for change. Quench your thirst to make a difference.