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The world's kindest idea

Bottled water is a huge business. It’s a $20 billion industry, consisting of nearly 155 million Americans. Despite war cries about the carbon footprint, it’s growing.

Our idea is to leverage this big existing market to create widespread social change. Just think what impact 155 million people's choosing h2ope the World’s Kindest Water™ over some other brand can have!

That's a monumental amount of money being directed to organizations adept at applying it strategically to where and how it's needed to solve a global crisis. No huge corporate structure. No government bureaucracy. Instead, it's pure, plain goodness (just like our water).

Natural spring water from sustainable source in 100% eco-responsible, recyclable bottle known to disappear in a landfill within 5 years.

100% of proceeds donated to organizations working on the ground and in the field to provide solutions to the world’s water problems.

Make a difference just by doing something you already do. Drink h2ope The World’s Kindest Water™ instead of another brand.