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There is a World Water Crisis! Although you may not have heard about it or experienced it yet. 97.5 % of the earth's water is saltwater. If you put all the water in the world into a bucket, only 1 teaspoon would be drinkable. Lots of drinkable water is being wasted and not getting to people who need it. The population is growing, and supplies are drying up. These issues are facing us here in the US, as well as people overseas.

The Hope Water Foundation is dedicated to helping to solve the world's water problems. 100% of the proceeds from sales of our eco-friendly h2ope The World's Kindest Water™ products go to organizations working on solutions to these problems.

Through products, partnerships and programming, we'll create the groundswell of education needed to motivate individuals to look at their behavior and to influence public policies and budgets - much like what Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" did for climate change.

Let's make sure those in immediate need have water and that there is an ample supply for future generations. Please join us.

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