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how do you bottle h2ope? how to you drink pure? how do you make a bottle disappear?

Hope Water Bottle
  • 100% of our proceeds donated to give clean, safe water to people everywhere ©

  • 100% natural spring water. Pure hydration from a sustainable source, no additives or processing

  • 100% eco-responsible, recyclable packaging. Our bottle, made with an organic additive, is known to breakdown in landfill to harmless remnants in less than 5 years.

Introducing h2ope The World's Kindest Water™ bottled water

When you choose to drink h2ope, you quench your thirst for water. And you quench your thirst for change. In one easy step, you affirm the power of the individual to make a difference. When you reach for h2ope instead of another brand, you are reaching into your pocket for the same change you'd be spending on water anyway...but instead, you're reaching for change that will save lives around the world.

Choose h2ope. Buy h2ope. Give h2ope.